Russell J.T. Dyer

Writer & Editor

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Books by Russell Dyer

I’ve written several books. I’ve written both novels and technical books on computer software. If you click on the heading for each of these two major types of books, you can read more information on the books I’ve written.


Writing novels is fun. I enjoy it very much. However, I have not been able to make much money from writing them. It’s a difficult business in which to start. Maybe I should spend more time developing my skills in this area and learn to market my books better. But it’s difficult to work on a novel when I have paying writing and editing work to do related to technical books and articles. Still, I’ve published one novel and have another which I hope to finish soon.


My primary source of income is related to writing and editing articles about software. I started by writing articles and eventually wrote a book on MySQL database software. This led to a job as an editor, editing technical articles written by other writers and the like. I’ve since written more technical books. If you click on the heading above, you can see a list of the books I’ve written and read more about them—as well as find links to where you may purchase them.