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Literary Criticisms

Book reviews of novels are typically written for readers in general or are criticisms of the novel from an artistic point of view. As a writer, I’m interested in a novel not only for its literary merits, but for its effectiveness in winning readers: getting them to buy the book, to start reading it, and to read it all of the way through after having started. I also admire how a book can affect readers, make them see the world differently, maybe change their lives, tell their friends about the book, discuss it, and remember it for years to come. The ability of a great novelist to do this is of interest to me. To that end, for my web site I sometimes write book reviews from a writer’s perspective.

My reviews can include several components besides general information about the novel being reviewed. To see a list of these components that I include in my reviews, see my the page on Literary Criticisms. I will probably change that list as I write more reviews and publish them, and I may deviate from the list for some novels.

The Heart of the Matter

My second literary review, it's about another of Graham Greene's novels, one of my favorites. It discusses a few aspects of the novel, focusing on the opening lines and the ending. Mainly, it discusses the interesting plot and includes some personal reflections related to writing.

The End of the Affair

This is my first literary book review for my web site. It's a review of the first Graham Greene book that I've read. It discusses the book from a writer's point of view, admiring his work and trying to learn from it.

Statistics on Criticisms

Below are the statistics of the number of readers for my criticisms in the past ninety days.

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