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An Andrew Wyeth Door

Cast of Characters

A few people have asked me about the characters in my new novel called, I Have No Friends. I’ve grouped them by their importance in the story. I’m doing this in three posts, starting with the main characters. Watch for side stories that I will be releasing on Twitter involving some of these characters, even the minor ones.

posted: sep 22, 2015

I Have No Friends

I mentioned in previous posts that I’m writing a new novel. The idea for this novel came from some Google statistics related to my writing site. What I discovered was that there are many people who have read articles I’ve written over the years about living alone and being more selective about friends (i.e., good friends). This is the basis for the novel I’m writing.

posted: sep 9, 2015

Up to Chapter Three

It’s been about two weeks since I started my new novel, but I’m already up to chapter three. Since the start of the novel is so sad, it’s been depressing writing it. Soon, though, it will be lighter and probably more fun to write—and read hopefully.

posted: aug 12, 2015

My Books

Below are a few of my books that have been published and are still in print. Click on the book cover image to go to a site where you can buy it.

I Have No Friends

A Novel about a young woman who has no friends, but learngs about friendship from some unusual life experiences.

In Search of Kafka

A hi-tech comical thriller about a computer programmer who inadvertently breaks into Starbucks’ computer server, which leads to Homeland Security hunting for him.

MySQL in a Nutshell

This reference book is about MySQL, a popular database software system. If you’re interested in this topic, you should also check out my web site on MySQL Resources.

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

If you want to learn about MySQL and MariaDB, this is the book for you. It assumes you have no experience in developing databases.

MySQL Replication

This particular book on MySQL Replication is a tutorial and a reference book which I wrote on the subject.

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