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Refreshed by Reading

Translating ‘I Have No Friends’ Novel to Russian

Based on some elements of the story (e.g., almost all female characters; the inclusion of an oracle), one of my editors, who teaches at Pushkin Institute in Moscow, suggested it might be appealing to Russian women readers and offered to to translate it.


Cast of Characters

A few people have asked me about the characters in my new novel, I Have No Friends. So, I’ve written this post describing them. Actually,I’m doing this in three posts, starting with the main characters.


I Have No Friends

The idea for my new novel came from some Google statistics on my writing site. There are many people who have read articles I’ve written over the years about living alone and losing friends. This is the basis for the novel I’m writing.


My Books

Below are a few of my books that have been published. Click on the book cover image to go to a site where you can buy it.

In Search of Kafka

A High-Tech. Comical Thriller about a Computer Programmer who tangles with Homeland Security, Eastern European Hackers, and Starbucks.

I Have No Friends

Story of a woman who finds herself alone and feels unloved. She has no friends. She is content with this, but others see things differently for her.

MySQL in a Nutshell, 2nd Ed.

Updated MySQL reference book: includes syntax and practical examples for SQL statements, functions and utilities for developers and administrators.

MySQL Replication

This booklet explains key concepts of MySQL Replication and helps troubleshoot problems and get replication running quickly when it stops.

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

If you want to learn about using, developing, and administering MySQL and MariaDB database systems, this is a good book for you.