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A Serious, Young Reader

From Marketing to Writing

While doing some marketing research related to this web site, I stumbled on an idea for a new novel. Although I have another novel that’s unfinished, this idea has such potential, I’ve dropped my other novel for now. My marketing shows that I could sell on Amazon, by promoting it through my site alone, tens of thousands of copies. It’s a very exciting idea and may help me to begin to establish myself as a novelist.

posted: jul 28, 2015

The Writing Trail

Many people have asked me over the years how I got started as a writer and how I managed to write books. It was a lot of work. But there were also some psychological challenges to overcome. Without the examples of other writers around me, I had to rely on the encouragement of some friends and push myself. It also involved some tricks to prove to myself I could do it and some trials at various points before I wrote my first book and before I wrote more books.

posted: apr 18, 2015

New Book Arrived

My new book has been printed and my publisher mailed me a copy. I received it today. It’s very exciting. Now I need to have a book party to celebrate the completion of this writing project. And I need do some marketing to promote the book—I’ve done some, but need to do more.

posted: apr 15, 2015

My Books

Below are a few of my books that have been published and are still in print. Click on the book cover image to go to a site where you can buy it.

In Search of Kafka

My first novel, a hi-tech comical thriller, is about a computer programmer who inadvertently breaks into a computer server in Starbucks’ home office and gets into trouble as a result. Throughout the novel he’s being hunted by Homeland Security.

MySQL in a Nutshell

This is reference book is about MySQL, a popular database software system. If you’re interested in this topic, you should also check out my web site on MySQL Resources.

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

If you want to learn about MySQL and MariaDB, this is the book for you. It assumes you have no experience in developing databases.

MySQL Replication

This particular book on MySQL Replication is a tutorial and a reference book which I wrote on the subject.

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