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Technical Books

For about fourteen years I have been working as a technical writer of open-source software, specializing in the database MySQL and now MariaDB, as well. I’ve published a few technical books on MySQL, and now one on MariaDB. My first book, MySQL in a Nutshell, has been translated into Chinese, German, Japanese, and Polish. Below is a list of my books.

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

With an easy, step-by-step approach, this practical guide shows programmers new to databases how to install, effectively use, and maintain MySQL and MariaDB. You’ll learn these database systems through real-world examples and many practical tips.

MySQL Replication

Replication is an excellent way to protect data and ensure uninterrupted service. For systems administrators who know the basics of MySQL, this book can help them to learn about MySQL Replication and assist them in keeping replication running or to get it running again when it inevitably stops. Despite its moderate size, this book contains a great deal.

MySQL in a Nutshell

When you need to find the right SQL keyword or MySQL client command-line option right away, turn to this convenient reference, known for the same speed and flexibility as the system it covers so thoroughly. MySQL is packed with so many capabilities that the odds of remembering a particular function or statement at the right moment are pretty slim. With MySQL in a Nutshell, you get the details you need, day in and day out, in one concise and extremely well organized book.

Statistics on Manuals

Below are the statistics of the number of readers for my manuals in the past ninety days.

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