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Literary Criticisms

As a writer, I am curious how a novel gets readers and gets them to read it, how it can affect them: to see the life differently, change their lives, and discuss it with others (see Literary Criticisms).

Literary Criticisms

As a primer for my literary criticisms, this article lists the aspects of novels that are of particular interest to me as a writer. It discusses each category and why they are of interest to me.

The Heart of the Matter

A literary review of Graham Greene's novels, one of my favorites. It discusses a few aspects of the novel, focusing on the opening lines and the ending. Mainly, it discusses the interesting plot and includes some personal reflections related to writing.

The End of the Affair

This is my first literary book review for my web site. It's a review of the first Graham Greene book that I've read. It discusses the book from a writer's point of view, admiring his work and trying to learn from it.

My Novels

Below are a few of my books that have been published. Click on the book cover image to go to a site where you can buy it.

In Search of Kafka

A High-Tech. Comical Thriller about a Computer Programmer who tangles with Homeland Security, Eastern European Hackers, and Starbucks.

I Have No Friends

Story of a woman who finds herself alone and feels unloved. She has no friends. She is content with this, but others see things differently for her.