Thus far I have finished writing one novel and published it: it’s called In Search of Kafka. I have nearly finished writing my second novel, which is called Not a Step. This section provides some information on my novels.

I Have No Friends

This is my third novel, although I haven’t yet finished the second one. It’s about a character who has no friends, but through the course of the novel comes to understand friendship better.

Одиночество Лины

This is a translation into Russian of my novel, I Have No Friends. It’s not yet finished—the translator, Elena Kartushina is up to chapter eight. She hopes to finish by the end of 2017.

The Pages of St. John

Like Graham Greene, I seem to write two types of novels: my first is a thriller; my second involves frank and mature situations. The main character has long been dismayed by his inability to find happiness with a woman, something he treasures dearly.

In Search of Kafka

In my first novel, a thriller, the main character is relentlessly pursued by the federal agents for a crime which he is wrongly accused. He desperately tries to elude capture long enough to find the true criminal to hand to the authorities in his stead.