Learning MySQL and MariaDB§

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

  • author: Russell J.T. Dyer

  • published: 2015

  • publisher: O’Reilly Media

  • isbn: 978-0596514334

  • pages: 408

If you want to learn about one of the best relational database systems available today, you need to learn about MySQL and MariaDB. Even if you have no previous experience working with or developing databases, this book will help you to learn MySQL or MariaDB—at this level, they’re almost identical; learning one is learning them both.

Some of the best companies in the world use MySQL and MariaDB for storing their data. Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google and many other companies built their business on these databases and still use them. If you use these sites, you’ve been using MySQL or MariaDB and probably didn’t know it. The front-end interface is different, but the database systems behind their web pages and mobile applications are the same.

This recently published book will teach everything you need to know to get started learning about MySQL and MariaDB—and using them for your job, and for that next job. You’ll learn to create databases and tables of data. For when you need to change a table—you’ll always need to make changes—you’ll learn how to do that. You’ll learn to insert data one record at a time and to bulk import data. You’ll also learn how to change data and delete it.

In addition to the basics of developing databases, we’ll cover administrative tasks. We’ll teach you how to make back-ups of your databases and how to restore them. You’ll learn about creating accounts for users and finely tuning their privileges. We include plenty of advice on how to be a good database administrator from the start.

To help you get started on more advanced database administration and development, we also include a chapter on connecting your customized programs to MySQL and MariaDB. This involves using application programming interfaces for popular programming lanuages: C. PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

Whether you hope to get a job using MySQL or MariaDB, or already have a such job and are still fairly new and want to strengthen your skills and understanding, you will find this book useful. You might even be a non-technical manager over a staff that uses MySQL and MariaDB databases, and you want to learn the basics to be more effective in your role. This is the book for you, too.