In Search of Kafka§

In Search of Kafka

In Search of Kafka

  • author: Russell J.T. Dyer

  • published: 2008

  • publisher: A Silent Killdeer

  • isbn: 978-0578041063

  • pages: 365

A comical high-tech thriller, tells the story of Oliver Whitman, a computer programmer and a friend who is a conspiracy theorist who believes Homeland Security is working with Starbucks to add chemicals to their coffee to sedate the middle-class public when negative press is released about the President.

One night Oliver helps his friend try to remove what he believes is a virus on his computer, but is actually someone hacking into the machine. Provoked and caught up in harmless geek fun, Oliver tries to fight back. Unfortunately, he’s been tricked: he’s been lured into attacking Starbucks’ server. Realizing his blunder, he makes a run for it, barely escaping apprehension by Homeland Security agents.

Relentlessly pursued, he finds danger wherever he turns. He has to do something, but what? Someone is going to get hurt and surviving is going to require some difficult choices.

This is a fun read—especially for those who work in the computer software business. It’s filled with intrigue in a community that others normally think of as dull.