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Cast of Characters

by Russell Dyer
published:  september 22, 2015;  revised:  september 10, 2017;  readers in past month:  285

A few people have asked me about the characters in my new novel, I Have No Friends. I’ve grouped them by their importance in the story. I’m doing this in three posts, starting with the main characters. Watch for side stories that I will be releasing on Twitter involving some of these characters, even the minor ones.

Focal Characters

There are two main characters in this novel, the first below has the main focus throughout the story. However, the second becomes a significant character, especially in the second half of the story and is therefore listed as the deuteragonist below.

  • Lena Demuir (Protagonist)
  • Young attractive woman, twenty-eight years old at the start of the novel. She’s a financial analyst for an investment firm located in Philadelphia. She is the one who says she has no friends.

  • Lexi Naivinsky (Deuteragonist)
  • She’s a friend of Lena—despite what Lena says. She works with Lena in Marketing at the same company in Philadelphia. Only a year or so younger than Lena, they went to college together. Both have worked for the same company together since college.

Other Characters or Tritagonists

Below is a list of characters that are a significant part of the lives of the two main characters. See one of my previous posts for a list of the two main characters, Lena and Lexi.

  • Mr. Stringer (Company Owner)
  • Older gentlemen, a father figure for Lena, he is the owner and head of the company where Lena and Lexi work.

  • Clive
  • Lena meets him unexpectedly and he quickly becomes her lover. Lexi is delighted by this, but Lena is not sure how long it will last.

  • Marco
  • Lexi meets this young man half way through the novel at a department store where he sells photography equipment. She falls for him, but Lena doesn’t trust him, causing them not to get along.

  • Bob Ewell
  • Office manager in new office in Europe. He becomes Lena and Lexi’s boss. His background is in sales; he lives with him boyfriend, and likes to doodle.

  • Lena’s Mother
  • Fastidious woman who’s worried more about pleasing her husband than caring for her daughter.

  • Krasimira
  • Mad Bulgarian woman Lena photographed while passing through a park in Philadelphia with Lexi. She confronts Lena and changes her life.

Minor Characters

These characters are very minor ones in the novel. They have only a few lines in the story. See my previous posts for information on the main characters (Lena and Lexi) and the other significant characters.

  • Helen McAllister
  • An older woman who has worked as Mr. Stringer’s assistant for over twenty years. She has a gentile style and does not like cursing, even words like ‘drat’.

  • Ms. Hamilton
  • Very proficient human resources manager where Lena and Lexi work. She prefers always to be professional at work.

  • Lena’s Step-Father
  • Insecure and not as smart as Lena and his wife. He’s her second husband—Lena’s father died when she was a child—and a Vietnam veteran.

  • Mrs. Stiehl
  • Old custodian of apartment building where Lena and Lexi live temporarily.