David Lodge’s Book§

David Lodge's Book

Recently I discovered David Lodge’s book, The Year of Henry James. It’s about how he wrote a novel, with the writer Henry James as one of the main characters. It’s a historical fiction of sorts. Being a fan of Henry James, I was attracted to it when I found it at the bookstore.

When David Lodge published his book, it was one of a few novels which included Henry James as the main character — the year it was published. This book, though, discusses the coincidences regarding that situation — how it was unintentional and how its sales were stunted by the sale of the other books, plus how it knocked his novel out of the frontrunner position for a book award.

What I liked most about the book, though, was that it gives the reader some insights into the life of an experienced and accomplished novelist. As a would-be novelist, I’m finding the peek into his daily life enjoyable and interesting. I want to have a life like his. I do have it related to technical books, which I imagine there are some who are envious. However, I want the same thing with novels.