Kafka Novel is Beta Mode§

Editing Kafka Novel

My editor Andy Oram finished his edits of my novel in December and this past month while in the U.S. I made all of the changes that he suggested. I almost always do whatever my editors recommend. Note to new writers: your writings aren’t your children, but your work. Don’t form a personal attachment to your words.

With the edits done, my novel is now in what I like to call, beta mode — a term from the computer programming world. Basically, anyone can order a copy from the printers, Lulu. However, you have to have the direct link to my book on their site; they don’t include it in their search engine until I release it for public distribution. My reason for limiting the sales like this is to get a few people to read it in the hopes of getting their feedback. Once I get their comments and make changes, I’ll then get an ISBN number so that I can sell the novel through Amazon. I’m not allowed to make changes after getting an ISBN. If I want to do so, I’d have to pay for a new ISBN and declare the changes a new edition. I’d like to avoid that.

So, if you’d like to read my first novel and are willing to give me my feedback, click on the title of this posting to get to the page on Lulu.com where you can buy a copy. If you read it, please let me know what you think of it.