Linux World Expo in Boston§


In recent months, I have contributed a few dozen brief articles to MySQL AB’s new Knowledge Base and have been acting as its editor. The Knowledge Base is part of the MySQL Network and was announced at Linux World Expo in Boston on February 15, 2005. To be present at its debut, I flew to Boston and attended the conference.

While there I met with a few editors and the like from O’Reilly Media, Apress, and Pearson Education. I also discussed a column idea with one of the editors from Linux Journal. The photograph on the left is taken from inside the Top of the Hub restaurant. It’s on the top floor, the 52nd floor of the Prudential Building in downtown Boston. I had lunch there one afternoon with Ulf Sandberg, one of the vice presidents of MySQL AB. I also had drinks there one afternoon with a beautiful young woman I know from Paris who happened to have been attending the conferene. Needless to say, I have a delightful time in Boston.