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MySQL Nutshell Book in Chinese

Much to my delight, the second edition of MySQL in a Nutshell has been translated to Chinese. I knew this was being done because I had traded emails with the translator, Hongjun Li, while it was being translated. He had had some minor questions. Otherwise, I would have known nothing of it. My publisher doesn’t include me the on-goings of translations. However, I received recently a report from my publisher showing an increase in sales of traslated books. So I searched the internet for a while and discovered my book in Chinese. With the growth of the Chinese market so broad and strong, I’m hoping we’ll sell my books in this market.

MySQL in a Nutshell has already been translated to German, Japanese, and Polish. I’ve heard that it will also be translated to Russian. However, I haven’t been able to find it in Russian on the internet. If anyone can find me where it’s listed on the web in Russian, please email me a link to it.